JS Electric, Inc

My wife, Brenda, and I began JS Electric, Inc over 30 years ago. I couldn’t be prouder to see how far our little business has come since then.

We can build or install any type of electrical system, large or small. We are committed to giving you the most reliable electrical system for your needs. We are sully licensed by the State of Texas, assuring you that your electrical project will be installed to the exacting industry and code standards.

Our History


Founded JS Electric, Inc

I had been an electrician in Austin my whole life. Starting my own company seemed to be the next evolution in my growth and a way for me to teach a new influx of electricians what I had learned. Throughout this whole process, I’ve never forgotten that the foundation of any strong business are the relationships you build with your customers and colleagues.


Expansion and Growth

JS Electric builds and operates out of our new offices in Buda, Texas. Our ability to hire more employees means we can take on larger projects. Our foundation of family first means we can foster and maintain strong relationships with all of our growing clientele. Whether it be a large job or small, each customer will be treated as if their job is the most important on our list… because to them it is important we get it done right and on time.


Record Breaking Revenues

Years of hard work and dedication lead to a record year. The principles and work ethic of our workers and core management expands our business even further. We now bidding and winning multi-million dollar projects as our reputation of honest, dependable and hard-working contractors has opened a growing number of doors. With this influx of revenue, we are able to employ more workers and give back more to our community as a whole through charitable events and organizations.


Ownership Passes to Lisa Schmidt

Lisa Schmidt, my son Jamie’s wife, takes over the business as I officially retire. Of course, technically speaking, I’m very unofficially retired as I still enjoy interacting with our clients and workers. Everyone here is family… whether through blood or love. I can’t imagine a day when I wouldn’t want to come into the office, shake hands and talk about the future of this business. As proud as I am of what we’ve become as a company, I’m even prouder of my Lisa, Jamie and Tommy as they are growing my dream into so much more than I could have hoped for all those years ago.

If I walk into a room anywhere in town, I’ll know at least ten people. And if I only know ten people in the room, I’ll do my best to get to know the other 30. And before I leave, I’ll do my best to find out if there’s anything I can possibly do to help everyone I know in that room. It’s how I was raised and it’s how my company was founded.

Jimmy Schmidt
Areas of Focus

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Why JS Electric?

We Focus on the Client

We work for you. If we lose sight of that then we lose everything the company was built upon. Our reputation lies with every job we touch, big or small.

We Demand the Best

Every one of our workers, in the field and in the office, is a direct reflection of our company. We hire the best, because we demand the best.

We Take Care of Our People

Our electricians and management team are the source of our strength, and we reward them as such. To keep the best, you have to treat them with the respect they deserve.